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journalTOCs API Project Workshop

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On Friday, November 20, the day that heavy rain, flooding and high winds affected roads and railways in the Scottish borders, some members of our user community gathered in Edinburgh to share ideas, expertise, feedback and concerns related with the objectives of the journalTOCs API Project.

level of the River Nith, early on Fri 20th Nov (source BBC)
Level of the River Nith, early on Fri 20th Nov (source BBC)

We are very grateful to our presenters who made the effort to participate in the project Workshop. We also thank you to Anne Dixon and Bryan Vickery. Anne, the Collections Manager Library at the British Geological Survey and the manager of the NERC Open Research Archive (NORA) had to cancel her trip at the last minute due some personal circumstances. Bryan, the Chief Operating Officer at BioMed Central, had to return to London, after his train suffered long delays due the flooding affecting the west cost railway this morning.

Overall, the Workshop was a valuable event for the Project. Each of the presentations was an instructive and productive session for the project members. The discussions that followed were very useful as well.

The workshop counted with the participation of six presenters. Jenny Delasalle, the E-Repositories Manager at the University of Warwick Library and the chair of the United Kingdom Council of Research Repositories (UKoRR), presented the “User Perspective” and discussed the advantages and disadvantages of using alerting tools for keeping repositories up-to-date. In the next session, we described the work done with Anne Dixon to test the project First Use Case using data from the British Geological Survey repository. Nick Sheppard, the Repository Development Officer at Leeds Metropolitan University and the responsible for project research of the Bibliosight Project, described the work they have been doing with the Web of Science API to promote full text deposit of author versions in the Leeds Met repository. Phil Barker, the coordinator of the metadata and digital repository work at JISC CETIS, and co-manager of the JISC Repository Research Team, presented an interesting and thought-provoking session on possible models for integrating the API in the workflow of the software used by repositories. Roddy MacLeod, a Senior Subject Librarian at Heriot-Watt University and the manager of TechXtra, presented a new freely available service, techJournalContents, based on searching and filtering by subject, the results generated by the API. Finally, Lisa Rogers, the journalTOCs API Project Research Officer, demonstrated the possible options for embedding the API into PURE, the Research Information System of Atira.

In general, the feedback received from the participants was quite encouraging. We plan to post each presentation on this web site soon, which hopefully will motivate more discussions and contributions from our community of users, repository managers and developers.

Written by Santiago Chumbe

November 20th, 2009 at 7:45 pm